Here’s some links we found to reviews of Screen Ruler.
Some of these are of versions dating a while back.
Yes, Screen Ruler has been out for a long time with
satisfied customers all over the world.

We found this one in Spanish, this one in German, this and this one in English. Here’s one that we think is in Dutch, but we’re not so sure. Here’s an oldie Feb/98. We also found one in French Canadian. Also one here and here in English.

Then, we got this unsolicited quote from a very happy customer (who consented to having us post it here):

“I use your program many times every day and would scream if it was removed from me - I create web sites and computer designs and am constantly needing to check to see if my work will fit the space needed... Thanks for a great program and let me know if you ever create anything else.”

— Jim Muir (a webdesigner from Texas)

 Micro Fox Software